Our ceremony was absolutely beautiful!  Thank you for being a part of our special day.  We appreciate how bright and friendly you are too.  We truly loved our ceremony, and it was just right for us.  Thanks again!
Tinisha and Mitch
July 2022

You are amazing, and thank you for everything!  We are so glad that you were able to officiate our wedding.  Your passion and authenticity really brightened the whole ceremony for us.  It meant so much for us to have someone like you be a part of our wedding day, and we will always remember you!
Amanda and Van
March 2023

Thank you so much for everything you did!  Our ceremony was exactly how we envisioned it, and we are so grateful to you for incorporating so many personal aspects of our story in it.  You made our day even more beautiful!
Victoria and Adam 
July 2023

Thank you so much for all of your amazing work.  We appreciate it so much!  Everyone loved the ceremony, and how lighthearted and fun you made it.  You are so well-spoken, and you really helped to make the whole process of getting married very easy for us.  It was a pleasure getting to know you!
Lauren and Jordan
September 2023

You are an exceptional officiant!  Your creativity, warmth, dedicated effort, and advice were all very much appreciated.  Thank you.  You made the whole process of getting married an absolute joy for us!
Naomi and Geoff
September 2023

A big thank you for the wonderful ceremony!  So many of our guests told us it was the best one that they had ever experienced.  It was like you had known us for years!  We truly appreciate everything that you did for us.  Our ceremony went beyond our expectations, and it was simply beautiful.  Thank you again for the amazing ceremony!
Boni and Ian
November 2022

Thank you so much for officiating our ceremony.  We had an amazing day, and it was exactly what we wanted for our wedding ceremony.  We really appreciate all of the care that you put into your work!
Grace and Kelsey
October 2022

A very special thanks to you, Suzanne!  You created the most perfect wedding ceremony for us, and helped us to create a beautiful memory that we will always treasure.  It was so unique and personal.  We will definitely be recommending you to all of our family and friends!
Zoey and Tyler
September 2022

Alex and I were so very pleased with how smoothly everything went on our wedding day.  Thank you for being an important part of it!  It was exactly what we had hoped for, and we will always remember it!
Rebecca and Alex
August 2022

100% recommendation for Suzanne! She was superb from our first meeting to the day of our wedding. Suzanne went above and beyond to ensure that our marriage ceremony was exactly how we wanted it to be. She also offered her wealth of experience, which helped us to ensure that our day went smoothly. We cannot thank Suzanne enough!
Kayla and Brendan
June 2021

Suzanne brought us to tears! Our marriage ceremony was absolutely beautiful! All in all, we loved it. Thank you for creating the most perfect and truly memorable ceremony for us. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts!
Agnes and Aaron
September 2021

Thank you SO much for helping us design the wedding ceremony of our dreams! It was so personal, and it reflected who we truly are as a couple. We cannot wait to start our forever together as husband and wife!
Natalie and Shane
September 2020

Thank you for a wonderful wedding ceremony that included many unique and meaningful aspects in it. It was a very special and memorable ceremony, and it was exactly what we wanted!
Sara and Brian
February 2020

Thank you so much for being our officiant! The ceremony you wrote for us was beautiful, and we appreciated your flexibility and willingness to work with us for the details we wanted in it. Your warm and cheerful nature shined through, you exceeded our expectations, and delivered a perfect ceremony for us! We are so happy we found you, and so grateful you were with us on our big day. Thank you!
Jacqueline and Jordan
October 2019

Thank you again for our beautiful ceremony! Everything went so smoothly. It was very personal, and we loved it!
Kelly and Louis
September 2018

Our ceremony was just what we had hoped for, and it was wonderful! Thank you so much. It was absolutely beautiful!
Lindsay and Chase
May 2019

Thanks again for officiating our wedding, Suzanne.  You were excellent!  Some of our guests even asked about humanism after the ceremony.  We were so pleased!
Blaire and Neil
November 2019

Thank you! We truly cannot thank you enough for going above and beyond as our officiant. You helped us to stay organized and kept us calm on our chaotic wedding day. I think it was meant to be that we found you!
Taylor and Yashar
June 2019

We were so happy with our wedding ceremony! You helped us create a beautiful day, and we received numerous comments from our families about the loveliness of the ceremony. It was an absolute pleasure pleasure working with you. Thank you so much for everything, Suzanne!
Sarah and Daniel
June 2019

Pat and I really appreciated having you officiate our big day. It really was everything we hoped for! Thank you so much!
Jess and Pat
June 2019

Thank you so much, Suzanne! We were getting compliments all night from our guests about how well-received your message of love and unity came across to them. You definitely helped us to stay calm up there when all eyes were on us! Thanks again for capturing “us” on our big day.
Laura and Adel
July 2019

Thank you so much for marrying us. You helped us to create a wedding ceremony that felt meant just for us, and it was a perfect day!
Deanna and Adam
June 2019

Thank you for your patience, extra help and professionalism! Thank you for everything, Suzanne!
Caroline and Luis
May 2018

Our day was absolutely perfect! We are so grateful that you were a part of it. Several guests told us that the words spoken were some of the most beautiful and authentic they had ever witnessed in a ceremony. The also liked the tone, style and length. Most importantly, we LOVED it! Thanks for taking the time to get to know us and craft a wonderful celebration. You really went above and beyond our expectations of what was possible, and executed it perfectly!
Leigh and Em
July 2018

Thank you SO much for officiating our wedding ceremony, Suzanne. It was just right!
Emily and George
May 2018

Thank you so much for being with us today! It was a pleasure to have you perform such a lovely marriage ceremony. You will be a part of a great memory for us!
Talisa and Tyler
September 2018

“Suzanne did a superb job creating a wedding ceremony that perfectly expressed what we wanted to say to each other, and felt meant just for us.  Her ability to listen carefully, pay attention to detail, and creatively incorporate our personalities into the ceremony resulted in a very meaningful and memorable day for us.  Thank you so much!”
Candace and Vince
October 2017

“Thank you for your care and guidance in making an unforgettable wedding day for Ron and me.  We will always remember you when we celebrate our wedding day in the anniversaries to come!”
Patty and Ron
February 2018

“Harold and I sincerely thank you for being our Officiant.  The ceremony was everything (and more) we could imagine!  It went perfectly and that is all thanks to you.  Thank you so much for your kindness, flexibility, warmth, and humour (and wine ceremony recommendation) as you truly made it special for the two of us and something we will forever cherish.”  
Joanna and Harold
April 2018